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Scandinavian Insurance Quarterly (SIQ) is published in cooperation between the insurance society’s in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The journal began publishing four issues per year in 1921 and until 2009 the insurance society in Finland were part of the co-operation. SIQ publishes articles primarily to supply the society’s members with information and analysis of current issues as well as historical retrospectives to increase knowledge about insurance. Articles are dealing with a variety of perspectives on private insurance, government insurance programs and the interaction between state and market, both nationally and internationally. The common denominator for all of the articles, are that they from different approaches relates to the field of insurance.

The first number of SIQ was thus published 1921 but already in 1878 began the Swedish insurance society to publish the 'Insurance Association Journal "and that journal changed in 1921 its name to the SIQ. The journal has been modernized several times and from 2009 published the articles on the Internet (www.nft.nu). It must be said that the contents of the SIQ, regardless of the mean of publication form, will be unchanged. The aim is also unchanged, a joint Scandinavian journal - the only of its kind - with space for detailed accounts, penetration problem analysis and debate within the many areas currently affecting the private insurance industry. That SIQ are now available on-line poses a number of advantages for readers in the form of advanced search features, and another opportunity for dissemination of content.



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Jon Haugan
Jon Haugan
Carl-Henrik Knutsson
Carl-Henrik Knutsson
Editor. Former Internal Communications Manager at Försäkringsaktiebolaget Skandia.