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The Swedish Pension Debate

Udgave: 4 / 2009 | Kategori: Folketrygd | Forfatter: Et. al.

In 1994 the Swedish Parliament decided on a reformed pension system. The new system gained international attention as a way of creating a viable universal pension scheme. In the wake of the reform an intensive debate commenced about the system in the journal Scandinavian Insurance Quarterly. A debate that is reprinted in this article.

Price comparison sites in the United Kingdom and Sweden

Udgave: 4 / 2009 | Kategori: EU og international forsikring, Markedsføring og konkurrence | Forfatter: Markus Norling and Erika Eliasson

In recent years there has been a boom in insurance comparison websites in the United Kingdom. These sites are increasingly UK consumers’ first port of call for motor and home insurance. Aggregators were estimated to have generated over 40 per cent of new private motor business Gross written premium in 2008.[1] The effect on the market has been price pressure and decreased customer loyalty. Customers have the most to gain from this development but there is also a risk of deterioration in product content and service. Insurers with large market shares are those with the most to lose, as this will affect both price levels and customer loyalty. As a consequence, traditional insurers need to choose a future strategy for adapting to the new market situation. The article will describe the effects of this recent market development and compare the situation on the UK and the Swedish market.

Insurance Advertising: Scary, Funny, Trust-Building, or Ethical?

Udgave: 4 / 2009 | Kategori: Markedsføring og konkurrence | Forfatter: Aaron Doyle, Johannes Brinkmann and Eric Breiten

Recently a team of academics based in Austria, Canada, Finland and Norway has begun studying insurance commercials from those countries. Our team includes specialists in marketing and business ethics, as well as a sociologist. We are interested not so much in the effectiveness of the ads in selling, but in the sociological and ethical questions they raise. Here we want simply to make an observation about a problem with current insurance advertising and insurance marketing more generally, and a suggestion for how it might improve.

Högsta domstolen och omprövning av skadeståndslivränta

Udgave: 4 / 2009 | Kategori: Forsikringsret | Forfatter: Erland Strömbäck

Enligt 5 kap. 5 § skadeståndslagen kan bland annat skadeståndslivränta (liksom trafiklivränta) omprövas om förhållanden som låg till grund för ersättningen har ändrats väsentligt. Denna regel härrör i sina huvuddrag från lagstiftning 1975 och man kan alltså konstatera att den snart är 35 år gammal. Efter alla år som gått sedan lagens tillkomst har Högsta domstolen äntligen fått tillfälle att mera definitivt klarlägga hur man ska tolka rekvisitet ”väsentlig ändring” i olika situationer. Avgörandena är delvis något överraskande, och kan leda till ökad administration och ökade kostnader för försäkringsbolagen, samtidigt som de skadelidandes situation har förbättrats.

Regulating insurance guarantee schemes (IGS) in the EU

Udgave: 4 / 2009 | Kategori: Økonomi og kapitalforvaltning, EU og international forsikring, Forsikringsret, Forsikringsteknik | Forfatter: Mari Pekonen-Ranta

The discussion on possible EU regulation on Insurance Guarantee Schemes (IGS) is currently a hot topic as a European issue, and national solutions have been proposed in many countries. The current economic situation has made the issue of IGS regulation even more topical. An IGS provides protection to policyholders and beneficiaries when insurers are unable to fulfil their contract commitments in case of insolvency of an insurance undertaking. An IGS can offer protection by paying compensation to policyholders or beneficiaries, or by securing the continuation of insurance contracts. An IGS might also be described as a joint liability scheme for insurance undertakings, as insurance undertakings jointly cover the shortage of an undertaking in a failure. Finally, the cost of the guarantee scheme borne by insurance undertakings is usually in the long run transferred to policyholders in the form of higher premiums collected. The need for guarantee schemes reflects the fundamental aim to protect policyholders´ and beneficiaries´ interests in the event of an insurance undertaking becoming insolvent. There exists also other means to protect these interests, as explained below in this article. This article describes different options chosen in European countries to regulate guarantee schemes and the current Commission work on possible EU level regulation on IGS. In addition, the article presents analysis of potential impacts of the possible EU regulation.