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The production account of insurance enterprises - The link between the business accounts of insurance enterprises and the production account in the European System of Accounts

Utgåva: 2 / 1996 | Kategori: Ekonomi och kapitalförvaltning, Försäkringsteknik | Författare: August Götzfried, John Walton

For several years Eurostat2 has been developing a European statistical system on insurance enterprises: Eurostat’s Insurance Services Statistics. One of the main aims of this work was to receive aggregated data on EU insurance enterprises at Eurostat on a regular base from the competent national authorities (i.e. the national insurance supervisory bodies or the national statistical offices).

European insurance statistics - Eurostat project for a statistical system in the insurance sector1

Utgåva: 1 / 1995 | Kategori: Ekonomi och kapitalförvaltning, EU och internationell försäkring | Författare: August Götzfried, Nikolaus Wurm

Step by step, the European internal market for insurance services has been created. The first and second generation of EU Insurance Directives on life and non-life insurance business were followed by the third Directives3 , which provide for considerable deregulation of the European insurance sector and thus almost complete the internal market in this sector of services. In accordance with the right of establishment and the freedom to provide services, insurance undertakings have unrestricted access to the markets of the other Member States. The consumer should also have a considerably increased choice between new products and between new companies appearing on the market.