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Facing the future

Utgave: 2 / 1993 | Kategori: Annet | Forfatter: Lennart Jonasson

The goal and fundamental stand-point is that insurance companies are in business to make a profit. Insurance companies and their customers constitute an important part of the financial market that amounts to a cornerstone in the functioning economy of Sweden. The gains of the companies are for the benefit of the stockholders, policyholders, or both. The services of the companies are also essential to the stability and growth of the economy1 and the individual company must follow its obligations to the public in order to continue as a private enterprise. The responsibility of the insurers towards the insured is thus not only a matter of liability according to current insurances policies but also a required social service. The profit rates in Swedish casualty insurance were moderate during the entire 1980’s despite the dominating marketshares for the domestic companies. The low profitability has partly historic reasons. They were all mutually owned companies and any surplus went back to the insured. The old barriers for protection have been abolished and most casualty insurers have become stockcompanies with the clear motive of making profit. The demands of efficiency and profitability have increased with the change of climate of business.