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Price comparison sites in the United Kingdom and Sweden

Udgave: 4 / 2009 | Kategori: EU og international forsikring, Markedsføring og konkurrence | Forfatter: Markus Norling and Erika Eliasson

In recent years there has been a boom in insurance comparison websites in the United Kingdom. These sites are increasingly UK consumers’ first port of call for motor and home insurance. Aggregators were estimated to have generated over 40 per cent of new private motor business Gross written premium in 2008.[1] The effect on the market has been price pressure and decreased customer loyalty. Customers have the most to gain from this development but there is also a risk of deterioration in product content and service. Insurers with large market shares are those with the most to lose, as this will affect both price levels and customer loyalty. As a consequence, traditional insurers need to choose a future strategy for adapting to the new market situation. The article will describe the effects of this recent market development and compare the situation on the UK and the Swedish market.