Risks surrounding the insurance industry

A number of important risks surround the insurance industry, such as typical insurance risks, regulatory risks, the low interest rate environment and the lack of knowledge about the insurance business model. Overall, one would think that there is a great deal of potential for the insurance industry. However, the sector needs to adapt itself to the changing environment and approach the changes in a proactive and strategic manner rather than a reactive and a defensive mode.


In this article, Prof. Karel Van Hulle addresses a number of issues about Insurance risks and regulation. From November 2004 until February 2013 he was Head of the Insurance and Pensions Unit at the European Commission. In this function, his main responsibility was the preparation of a new solvency regime for insurance and reinsurance companies (Solvency II). Other areas of responsibility included life assurance, non-life insurance, reinsurance, motor insurance, insurance guarantee schemes and pension funds.


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